Tuesday, 13 April 2010

this flyer is a great example of embracing the black and white nature of a photocopy to create a simple DIY style flyer. This flyer seems really classy to me, I don't really know why, just makes me feel like the event will be a classy evening of cocktails and good conversation.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

the return of capone

Spotted this bad boy browsing the bands myspace page. If you don't remember, this band have the disnction of inspiring this blog with their beautifully trashy and awesome flyer, spotted here.
So they're back with another gig at "The Hope & Anchor" and with another sick flyer - toy gun smoking a sick typeface. Great composition. Black and white. Simple and bold. Nice stuff boys! Keep it up.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

I love this. I really do. It's beautiful. Unfortunately I can't find any information on the bands myspace telling me who does their artwork, which by the way, is all awesome. The band are awesome too, we all love a bit of hardcore... don't we? http://www.myspace.com/attackvipers see and hear for yourself.
yeah, let's just revel in the beauty of this flyer for a while.....
What I love about this flyer is the DIY aesthetic, it's not a photocopied flyer (sigh) but it has that look and feel only it's in colour. Although it would probably still look pretty awesome if it was in black and white.
It should be noted though that 1 big flyer error has occurred here; TYPO. 'Catham' should be spelt 'Chatham'. Ah well, you win some you lose some.

a bit of colour...

Normally, we're all about the photocopied flyer, but we couldn't resist this one for 'LEK' a club night of the dancing variety. Somehow it is beyond colourful but doesn't make me think 'rainbow vomit'. The pallet really works and the illustration style is silly and lovely. Who doesn't love a multi coloured chicken.
Artwork by Erica Dorn. She says this about her work "My work is at its best when the aim is to suggest rather than tell, to hint at rather than explain" and this is definitely true of this one. Make sure to check her out on http://erica-dorn.com/index.html

The one that started it all...

This particular flyer (or it's designer) should take pride in the fact that it ignited a discussion between two friends and illustrators about a mutual adoration for the good old fashioned photo copied flyer. Having decided we were going to begin a collection of flyers, we also decided that a blog would be the perfect format for this collection, that way we could share with other flyer appreciators; (I'm sure there are more of us) flyers that range from the effective to the awesome, and they in turn could share with us. It could also become a vehicle for bands and promoters to get there flyers out there for more people to see.

But more about this flyer. Basically, we love it. It's trashy, but in the best possible way. It would sit well against classic punk and rock flyers from the seventies. The band are great too, a mature and convincing blues rock band with a bit of soul. Check them out on myspace.com/sonsofcapone